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Rachel has been a pleasure to work with. She brings energy & enthusiasm to the table! I have actually bought & sold a home from her. She is nothing short of professional. She is always very attentive when you have questions or concerns of the entire buying/selling process. Rachel provides feedback when you are staging your home in order to sell your home to a potential buyer. I appreciate her willingness to go global as she has access and resources online which other local realtors do not utilize. I love, love, loved her 'for sale' signs. They looked sharp & presented my home as a very marketable property. I would highly recommend Rachel as your next real estate professional. Should I decide to move again in the future, Rachel will be at the top of the my list!

I purchased a home through Rachel. She was very knowledgeable, very professional, very responsive, had excellent negotiating skills, was always pleasant, cheerful and charming, and above all, she was compassionate. I highly recommend her for selling and purchasing any property.

My husband and I met Rachel in late summer 2011 to begin our home search. The first thing I noticed about her was her quick response time when we had questions/inquiries by email/phone/text (right away :) ). It was time to go look at our first list of homes. Rachel genuinely cared about finding us the home we dreamed of and gave us her full attention when we looked from house to house picking the things we liked/ and did not. Always very knowledgeable, well prepared and did research on each home before our visit. Right away, Rachel had an understanding of the home we were looking for. Week by week she would send us the most recent listings or houses not yet on the websites/market. She was also always honest to tell us if a home might not be in our range or negotiable price. Only a few short months later we found a home. Love at first sight. However, there were still many questions about the home/working with the home owner on price and other housekeeping issues. Rachel was persistent and determined if this was what we wanted to help us get it. With her professionalism and high experience in realty everything worked as planned. There was no urgency with Rachel or stress to push us into a home. She cared about finding the right home and always told us "I am here as long as you need". Almost 1 year later. We are living in our dream home, happy about the price we paid and ready to begin a family! Thank you Rachel.

Rachel goes through homes with you as if she is looking for a home for her family. She points out the positives of the home and decorating ideas. She will also go through the home with you a with a fine tooth comb looking for flaws are potential problems. She is the best!!

We were very impressed Rachel's Real Estate knowledge & she helped us a tremendous amount with the sale of our home. She held several Open Houses; which were a great success! Her advice when staging our home was extremely helpful as well! She was also very helpful in the purchase of our new home! Things moved along smoothly! Overall, we were very satisfied & have recommended her services to several other prospective buyers &/or sellers!!

We were first time buyers and Rachel made the experience very easy, helping us with anything we needed before and after we bought our house. I would defiantly recommend her, especially to people who are first timers. She made sure to get us all the answers we needed, no matter what time or day it was which was really comforting. She kept us up to date on the property we were interested in, checked in with us regularly and we ended up purchasing a beautiful home.

Rachel was always on point. She knew exactly what we would and wouldn't like just from meeting us once. She even has checked up on us since we have been living in the new house!